The key to a successful and competent choice of clothing is the ability to dress in a manner that you are at any moment ready to conquer the world.

SINCE 1991


Viola Stils has more than thirty years of experience in the production of high-quality fashion using natural fibres.

Our production methods and quality levels are innovative in the high-quality fashion knitwear industry. seamless knitwear, a revolution in the high-quality fashion knitwear industry.

To ensure the perfect fit that fits like a glove, all designs are developed in three-dimension.

One of the largest factories in the Baltic States



We achieve our level of excellence through our knowledge and unique ability to program our eleven various types of STOLL knitting machines to give us the product client wants.

Each collection takes up to two years to develop and our highly skilled team works hard to offer clients something special which cannot be found elsewhere. We always stay true to our traditions and use the most expensive and high-quality Italian yarn, such as cashmere, silk, super-thin extra-fine merino wool.

We try to ensure that each of our clients finds a product in our collection that is unique yet familiar.